Answers to Common Questions

Q: Do you outsource your work?
A: NO. I don't outsource jobs through this site. I am a freelancer. All my email messages come from this domain. Messages from any other email accounts are not from me.

Q: How much will my translation cost?
A: Translation costs will depend upon the technicality, page layout complexity, DTP requirements, volume, delivery format (electronic, CD, paper, etc.), time frame, etc. However, a discount can be considered for large volume or continuous work.

Q: Can I request a free estimate?
A: Yes, it will be a pleasure to explain and offer my services to you.

Q: Will additional fees be charged if mine is a rush job?
A: Normally yes.

Q: Will separate charges be added if my document has graphics/images, etc.?
A: Yes, but only if I have to create/edit graphics, images, or complex tables. The amount will vary depending upon the complexity of the additions and how much extra work is required to create them.

Q: What payment options do you offer?
A: Check, wire transfer, Paypal.

Q: Can I have a signed confidentiality agreement?
A: You can rest assured your documents and information will not be disclosed to any third party. And, if you wish, a confidentiality agreement can be signed.

Q: What is your daily translation output?
A: It is variable, but at least 2,000 words.